Every Monday in June, we invite you to engage with new moving meditations led by Kristin Sudeikis, the founder, CEO and creative director of Forward__Space. With a flagship location in downtown New York City and a Virtual Hub that reaches people in over 100 countries, Forward__Space offers sweat sessions anchored in dance, music, wellness, and sweat.

mindful monday

Sudeikis, an internationally renowned choreographer and artistic director, points out that there is a meditative quality to be found in dance. “By consciously putting your body in motion, you’re offering yourself a 360-degree physiological reset, which can be cathartic, deeply transforming, and healing,” she says.

Move with Kristin

In the video above, Sudeikis kicks off her series of “Mindful Monday” moving meditations around the intention of release and creating space. During a series of repetitive movements, she encourages viewers to think about what they’d like to release and “peel away.”

The moving meditation is set to two songs. The first is a track by DJ MoMa + Guy. As the rhythmic beats play, Sudeikis asks you to keep your shoulders back and your chin lifted as she guides you through moving your arms out in front of you in a sweeping motion over and over to clear and create more space.

The second track is by Briguel. As the music swells, Sudeikis invites you to stand with your feet firmly grounded as you lift your arms toward the sky. “Think of being bigger than the room,” she says before suggesting that you take a deep breath in before exhaling slowly.

As Sudeikis says, “Even just a few minutes to stand up and shift the alchemy in the body, shift the cells, get the blood moving, can really shift the entire day.”

Kristin Answers Your Questions

preview for Kristin Sudeikis Answers Your Questions on How to Create Space

In addition to guiding us through a weekly moving meditation in June, Sudeikis will be answering questions from Oprah Daily Insiders. This week, the questions revolve around releasing what no longer serves you to create more space.

One community member wanted advice on how to stop replaying mistakes over and over in her head. Sudeikis acknowledges that it takes a conscious effort not to ruminate and says, “If it is continuing to circle and you’re continuing to bring it up in your mind, it’s worth asking yourself why you want to hold on to it.” She goes on to say that when you are ready to move on, “a physicalized practice of some kind” can help—like the moving meditation from above.

Tune into the video above for more words of wisdom from Sudeikis on this subject, along with her answer to another important question about making time for yourself.

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