Meditation reorganizes the brain’s spatial


Meditation reorganizes A new meta-analysis examined evidence of how meditation alters brain activity and connectivity.

The authors found that meditation reorganizes the brain’s spatial topography.

Perhaps this explains why advanced meditators claim to experience “non-dual awareness” — that is, a dissolution of the boundaries between the self and the environment, resulting in a state of unity with the world.

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5 Benefits of Mugwort for Caring for Facial Skin


5 Benefits of Mugwort Perkembangan produk skincare belakangan ini melaju sangat cepat. Beragam inovasi pun dilakukan untuk menciptakan berbagai produk skincare untuk mengatasi berbagai permasalahan kulit wajah. Namun saat ini nampaknya produk skincare yang mengandung bahan alami lebih diminati banyak orang.

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How Yoga Can Benefit Kids


How Yoga Can Benefit If you are a teacher, parent, relative, babysitter then this article is for you. It is important to know that kid’s yoga can be utilized in many occasions. It can be used in formal teaching practice or informal play. Many schools have adopted yoga practice in the classroom. This is because of the benefit that yoga

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